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Testimonial Photo by Tonya D.

Thank you Valley Concrete Restoration for a job well done!!  

-Tonya D.   Warren, OH
 April 28th

I had a concrete front porch slab that settled over the years and was allowing rain water to flow towards the house. I received a quote and agreed to the price from Valley Concrete Restoration. The work was to take a day however the crew ran into complications. After 5 days of continual work, they completed the job. I could not be more satisfied. They ran into adversity and instead of throwing in the towel and giving up, they doubled down and proved a customer is worth it, even when they were clearly losing money. My gratitude to Trevor, Tony, Dustin for sticking with me to complete the job. 5 stars for the good guys!

-Mark K.   Lordstown, OH
July 12th

I used them late last summer of 2021. Beautiful job that was reasonably priced. Used another outfit back in 1997 for a few slabs and recalled them for the work that needed to be done this time. Their estimate was ridiculous. Valley Concrete had a much more reasonable price. Owner was very nice to work with along with the crew who performed the work. If I need any more work in the future, definitely reaching out to this company again. Five stars in my book. 😉

-Elaine F.   Poland, OH
September 16th

They raised my front steps to a normal rise.  So thankful not to have to hike a mountain to get in the front door!       They were neat and efficient

-Nora J.   Kent, OH
September 20th


My front porch concrete slab had cracked and was sinking so badly that I thought it would need demolished and rebuilt.   Dan and Dustin lifted and leveled the slab to my total amazement. They saved me a lot of money and restored my peace of mind.    Outstanding job!!


-Kenny   Poland, OH
October 4th



Very courteous group of men. Adam did an outstanding job explaining the work to be don, the crew answered questions and explained procedures.  Initially saw the ad in a flyer, had several other proposals, but felt Valley Concrete Restoration would do the best job, and they did!  

-Lori   Aurora, OH
May 25th


5 stars, Very happy with the results. 

-William   Mineral Ridge, OH
August 1st




-William & Caterina  Poland, OH
June 13th



100% Satisfaction

-Rich  Hubbard, OH
August 16th



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