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Pool Deck Repair vs Sidewalk Repair


At Valley Concrete Restoration, we are committed to delivering quality solutions for your specific concrete restoration needs. From leveling driveways and interior slabs to fixing sidewalks and pool decks, our objective remains the same—ensuring safety and functionality. 

While the core mission is consistent, the repair strategies differ based on the specific needs of each project. In this blog, we will review the subtle yet critical differences between Pool Deck and Sidewalk Repairs.

Key Differentiators between Pool Deck Repair and Sidewalk Repair:

  • Environmental Considerations:
    Sidewalk: Sidewalks are exposed to a variety of elements including rain, snow, UV rays, and changes in temperature. All these different exposures lead to cracks in the concrete.
    Pool Deck: Constant exposure to pool chemicals and water contributes to long-term wear and tear to the surrounding concrete. 
  • Underlying  Causes of Concrete Damage:
    Sidewalk: There are many factors that can lead to your sidewalk cracking or sinking. This could be due to soil underground becoming weak, erosion from rainwater, or tree roots that have rotted overtime.
    Pool Deck: Your pool deck could be sinking for a variety of reasons. Loose soil exacerbated by the weight of heavy concrete slabs can cause concrete to sink or settle. 
  • Repair Methods:
    Sidewalk: Repairs often include leveling uneven slabs and filling cracks.
    Pool Deck: Pool deck repairs may include patching, resealing, and leveling. 

Common Ground: Safety and PolyLevel

For both pool deck and sidewalk repairs the primary motivation for repairs is safety. 

  • Safety: The main reason for repair with both pool decks and sidewalks is for safety. Everyone wants to avoid a serious injury caused by tripping over uneven concrete. If someone trips and falls on the sidewalk in front of your home, you could be liable. This is why it is extremely important that you call Valley Concrete Restoration to provide reliable and expert concrete repair and prevent any injuries from occurring. 
  • PolyLevel: Both sidewalks and pool decks can be restored through the use of PolyLevel. PolyLevel is an expanding polyurethane foam that is injected beneath the concrete to fill gaps caused by soil erosion and raise and stabilize the concrete surface. PolyLevel is extremely lightweight and has greater lifting power than mudjacking. 

Whether it’s a pool deck repair, sidewalk repair, or any other concrete leveling or repair Valley Concrete Restoration has got you covered. Our specialized techniques cater to the unique requirements of each project, without losing sight of the overarching goal—ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

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