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Autumn Is The Opportune Time to Repair Cracked or Uneven Concrete ​

When Autumn comes and we begin to transition to indoor activities, it is easy to forget about your concrete. Unfortunately, this can lead to complications that result in further damage and expensive repairs.

Snow and ice during the winter, rain in the spring, and extreme heat during the summer can wreak havoc on your concrete. Most of these weather conditions are nonexistent during the fall, making the fall season the ideal time to level, lift, and repair your sunken or cracked concrete.

The fall season is also a good time to repair fractured concrete because reputable contractors tend to have greater availability. Fall repairs allow homeowners to ensure their properties are safe for winter foot traffic and ensure the exterior surfaces are ready for spring and summer activities.

Here are some top reasons to call Valley Concrete Restoration to repair your driveway or walkway this Autumn:

  1. The first ground freeze here in Ohio is on the horizon. Ground temperature plays a large role in determining whether sunken concrete can be lifted and, if it’s frozen, it may not be possible.
  2. Harsh Winter Weather Can Worsen Sunken Concrete Damage: As the ground freezes and thaws, cracked concrete slabs are subject to heaving and movement of the underlying soils. If you wait to raise your settled concrete, the small problem you have now could grow into a serious issue. The cracked area may grow larger, and the slab could sink even further. And we all know, larger problems translate to larger repair costs.
  3. Concrete Lifting Makes Your Property Safer for the Winter: With the holiday celebrations comes the sleet, slush, snow, and ice that accompany Ohio winter. If your concrete sidewalk, front steps or porch are sunken and uneven, snow and ice not only hide the hazards but also make them more dangerous for you, your friends, and your family.

There is still time to take care of your concrete driveway, and walkways that need repair before Ohio weather conditions set in. Valley Concrete Restoration can restore your concrete so that it is safe this winter, and beautiful come spring–ready for you to get outside and enjoy summer once again!

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